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NFT Art & Design

Is great art your NFT project's biggest challenge? We have a fantastic network of highly skilled and professionally experienced 2D and 3D graphic artists. We can help you design your dream NFT collection!  


Blockchain Technology


Smart Contracting and building real Blockchain utility can be.. a lot. Our amazingly talented developers group, the Suns Of Defi, can lead the way in developing the technology behind your vision. It's like Lego!


Web Design & Development

No matter what your web2 or web3 development needs are we have the network of web developers and web designers to help you get the most of out of your website. We're here to help you build your best online presence!


Social Media Promotions

Promoting your hard work can be challenging, time consuming and expensive to say the least. The BASC promotions trait group is here to help. Trustworthy and affordable social media promotion here for you!


Discord Management and Mod Services

Communicating with and organizing your community is an absolute must. Whether you need full service Discord management or you just need a couple experienced and reliable Moderators, our network is here to help you!

Twitter Spaces


We have a network of experienced speakers and NFT/Web3 educated Twitter Spaces hosts that we would love to connect you with. Give your community a reliable social media meet-up place with cool hosts and co-hosts!



The BP networking collective is here to help you build your best NFT products and put your best Web3 foot forward!

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