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     Bitty Planet is an NFT/Web3 creators and developers collective. What does that really mean you say? It means that together we can create an amazing future, one that wasn't quite so possible before web3. The key word there... TOGETHER. Here at BP, we just want to take what we love most about NFTs and the Web3 movement to the next level. We know that can't happen without YOU. After all, it is you that is the thing we love most about all this. We love the truly good hearted friends we've made across the world because of this. We love the talent and vision that shines here in the NFT space more than it ever could anywhere else. We love the potential your ideas have. We love the positive, peaceful culture that exists despite how truly crooked and cut throat this industry can be. Basically... we love you. This is a basic bitch love note. The End.

     Ok, in all seriousness.
The entire goal here is to build positive, productive NFT/Web3 products that the people of web3 can trust in, grow with and benefit from now and into the future. How do we get there, where the integrity is never questioned and the BP badge brings an instant recognition of a quality, trustworthy product? Together. By the people of web3, for the people of web3. And that friends really is... end of story.


     No, of course we don't think you're being selfish. That's a fair question. What can Bitty Planet do for you? It all depends on what you want to get out of Bitty Planet. Are you an NFT Degen looking for a place to collaborate your intellect and skills with other out of this worldly talented people just like you? Maybe you fit perfectly on the BP Team! There's a role for every Degen here and togetherness is our super power. You wear your hat just perfectly. No one can wear it like you and no one can do what you specialize in better than you! YOU deserve to have a successful, lucrative Web3 career just as much as anyone else don't you? Let's make that happen together!

     Check out
THE BP TEAM HERE and don't hesitate to drop us a line and JOIN US HERE! Your spot on the BP Team and your NFT future are waiting for you!

     Do you already have an NFT project in motion and need some help? No matter where you are stuck, Bitty Planet is here to help you have a successful NFT launch from start to finish. Here at BP we can service your NFT development needs no matter where you find yourself stuck. We have talented artists and web designers that can help you fulfill your creative needs. Full Stack Developers cans help you produce any digital product or utility for your project. Our network of hard working Community Developers can help you build out/run your Discord and social presence or help guide you to good promo and away from bad promo. Whatever your web3 development needs are.. delivering with the highest quality and standards is our only goal.

     Check out all of our SERVICES HERE and remember, we're here to help you put your best web3 foot forward!

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